Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing

At Cranks Carbon Fibreglass, we’ve had years of experience servicing the Gold Coast with fibreglass pool resurfacing for all different shapes and sizes. Fibreglass pools have a myriad of benefits. They have an extremely low lifetime cost, require little maintenance, are highly durable and are far less likely to be damaged. Plus, they can be installed in a timely and efficient manner. As fibreglass specialists on the Gold Coast, our expertise extends beyond pools to include fibreglass crack and boat repairs, ensuring comprehensive care for all your fibreglass needs.

If you’re working within a tight budget, we’ve got you covered. We can offer an affordable fibreglass pool resurfacing cost, so your budget won’t be broken. For more information on our pricing, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll send a serviceman to inspect your pool lining and administer a quote.

Fibreglass Pool Renovations

Does your pool need an overhaul? Enjoying a relaxing swim in the backyard family pool is a great way to beat the heat. However, it can quickly turn dangerous if your pool’s fibreglass is cracked or damaged.

Many fibreglass pools on the Gold Coast were built a long time ago, and unfortunately, they degrade over time. That’s where we come in!

The friendly team at Cranks Carbon & Fibreglass specialise in fibreglass pool resurfacing and are happy to help! If you want to give your pool a new lease on life, we’re the experts you can call.


Give Your Pool the Revamp it Needs

Here at Cranks Carbon, we know fibreglass. We know that over time, it can split, crack, chip or become discoloured.

No matter how well you clean your pool, fibreglass can suffer damage as the years go by. So, to give your pool the overhaul it needs, you need a team of specialists who are dedicated to quality fibreglass pool resurfacing on the Gold Coast.

Even if there are no obvious signs of damage, you may simply want to spruce up your pool for the coming years. A new colour, a few different inclusions or something else to brighten up your outdoor area.

We can use a range of different fibreglass colour layers to give your pool a completely new look. All pools can benefit from a makeover, and we’re here to provide the expertise you need.

When is Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing Needed?

People often ask why you would need fibreglass pool resurfacing. Well, there are a number of reasons.

With our modern resurfacing techniques, we are able to take care of:

Cracks and splits: If your pool has been installed for around 20 years, cracks and splits are likely. Heavy weather conditions or even slight movements in terrain can cause fibreglass pools to split or crack. Hardline cracks are hard to detect in a pool, but they can cause damages further down the line. Cracks that are too severe can cause leakages and other further issues to the structure of your pool lining. If you’ve detected any visible cracks in your pool lining, don’t hesitate to contact our servicemen.

Crazing: While not dangerous, crazing is a problem that makes your pool look less than inviting. This is where the gel coat colour layer becomes brittle and starts to crack.

Osmosis: this is generally recognised for fibreglass surfaces that are blistering or showing other blemishes. This occurs when certain contaminated chemicals enter a fibreglass pool and cause the lining to blister and bump. When these blisters reach a limit, they tend to break. When this happens, it leaves behind black algae that stain your lining.

Black spots: Blackspot is essentially a mould growth as the gel coat colour layer breaks down. Even if you address the mould problem, the black spots are extremely difficult to remove.

Discolouration: Fibreglass pools have a colour layer that is susceptible to damage from UV exposure and general wear and tear. Discolouration occurs when this gel coat colour layer wears down, exposing the fibreglass beneath. When this happens, you’ll tend to notice fading. To prevent this, routine maintenance is recommended.

Some of these problems can be fixed by patching up the affected areas. However, if you’re experiencing these issues in one part of your pool, they will likely appear in another.

Often, it’s best to resurface the whole pool for a fresh new look, but Cranks Carbon will be able to help either way!


The Highest Quality Materials

Here at Cranks Carbon & fibreglass, we take pride in delivering the most professional fibreglass pool resurfacing to Gold Coast properties. That’s why we only use the highest-grade materials, including the Vinylester base coat and resin, and gel coat colour layers with the latest UV stabilising technology.

Your family pool is part of your home, and that means it’s an investment that adds value to the property. That’s just one of the reasons we believe our customers deserve the very best in pool resurfacing materials and quality service every time.

See why we’re the very best fibreglass specialists and boat builders on the Gold Coast and talk with one of our team members today!


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  • How do you address rough surfaces in older concrete pools during a renovation?

    In pool renovations, especially for concrete pools with rough surfaces, we meticulously smoothen the pool shell. This process involves sanding down any coarse areas and applying a new finish, transforming your pool surface into a sleek and comfortable space.

  • Can Cranks Carbon Fibreglass repair mouldy pool surfaces effectively?

    Absolutely, tackling mouldy pool surfaces is a key part of our service. We first thoroughly clean the pool surface, then apply specialized treatments to not only remove the mould but also protect against future growth, ensuring a clean and healthy pool environment.

  • What solutions do you offer for fixing leaks in concrete pool shells?

    For fixing leaks in concrete pool shells, we use high-grade sealants and repair techniques. Our approach depends on the severity and location of the leak, ensuring a durable solution that restores the integrity of your pool.

  • How do you rejuvenate an existing degraded pool finish?

    Rejuvenating an existing degraded pool finish involves carefully removing the old surface layer and applying a new, high-quality finish. This not only improves the pool’s appearance but also enhances its durability and lifespan.

  • What are the advantages of choosing concrete pools for my renovation project?

    Concrete pools offer incredible versatility for renovations. They can be easily reshaped, resized, or refinished, allowing for a wide range of design options. Their durability and longevity make them a popular choice for comprehensive pool renovation projects.

  • How does your service compare when dealing with a concrete pool needing extensive work?

    When dealing with a concrete pool that requires extensive work, our service stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality. Whether it’s addressing structural issues or aesthetic enhancements, we ensure every aspect of the renovation is executed to the highest standards.

The Cranks Carbon & Fibreglass team can help you with a broad range of fibreglass works, including gel coat repairs, paint restoration, 2 pac repairs, sanding, waxing and polishing boats, water slides, and fibreglass products. We specialise in boats and water parks for hotels and theme parks



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